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New York High Schools overhaul curriculum, concentrate on vital war subjects - The Washington Post 1943-01-17.pdf

A typed letter from Nathan Falk, the principal of Manhattanville Junior High School 43, to the education editor of El Diario- La Prenza to feature certain students in the newsletter. This letter was written on June 17 of the year 1970, and Nathan…

The letter is from Serena Gaynor, P.T.A. President of J.H.S. 43, to the P.T.A. Presidents of P.S. 125-36, 129, and 161, and various community organizations, and asks them set aside one hour to meet with the P.T.A. representatives from J.H.S. 43.…

A letter from Mrs. Rebecca Hetherington, the Faculty Advisor of the Creedonian (a student-created literary magazine from J.H.S. 43) to Mrs. Joan D. Mansoury of the Morningside Committee on Education, complimenting the Creedonian and asking to reprint…
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