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This item is a newspaper clipping from the Manhattanville Bulletin that describes a budding partnership between J.H.S. 43, a local high school, and City College, in which each of these two institutions plan to reciprocally provide serviecs for the…

A school directory of the teachers and staff at J.H.S. 43.

A school report profile that details the building data, pupil data, program data, and personnel data of Junior High School 43.

A one-page school profile of J.H.S. 43 from the Office of the Assistant Superintendent, which includes historical information about the school, current physical amenities, and other personnel information of the school.

A typed report of the Manhattanville Junior High School (J.H.S) 43 in the 1969-1970 school year that details employees and faculty working in the school building.

A printed two-page newspaper excerpt from June 1970 on selected high schools for seniors and fifty students that were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society from Junior High School 43. The newspaper has the bottom taped to the top portion…

A typed letter from Nathan Falk, the principal of Manhattanville Junior High School 43, to the education editor of El Diario- La Prenza to feature certain students in the newsletter. This letter was written on June 17 of the year 1970, and Nathan…

A typed memo describing the two alumni inductees for the Manhattanville Junior High School (J.H.S.) 43 Hall of Merit for the year 1970.

The printed news bulletin from Manhattanville Junior High School 43 was issued in October of 1969. The title is "Manhattanville Bulletin" and it is the first issue in Volume 50. The news bulletin describes the events, happenings, and achievements…

A typed article that was clipped from a newspaper published on May 23, 1969 describes a program at Manhattanville Junior High School (J.H.S.) 43 that allows parents to learn typing and other skills alongside their children during the daytime. The…
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