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A letter from Rebecca Hetherington, from the Morningside Committee on Education, to Miss Arlene Jones (presumably a J.H.S. 43 student), informing her that her exemplary literary work from the Creedonian has been reprinted in the Morningside Committee…

A letter from Mrs. Rebecca Hetherington of the Morningside Committee on Education to Miss Caroyln Young, Business Manager of the Creedonian (a student-created literary magazine from J.H.S. 43), thanking Miss Young for sending the Creedonian. In this…

A letter from Mrs. Joan D. Mansoury to Mrs. Rebecca Hetherington, representing the Morningside Committee on Education of Morningside Heights, Inc., thanking her for her interest in and be willing to, reprint the Creedonian (a student newsletter).
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