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The life and experience of Courtney Brown in relationship to St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Harlem, New York

Student life in New York City Public Schools in East Harlem, 1950s-1960s, Student life and organizing at Benjamin Franklin High School in East Harlem, 1968-1971, Parenting children with special needs in East Harlem, 1970s-1980s, Mentoring parents…

The reminiscences of Mary Dowery, social worker and organizer in Harlem with many different organizations, and creator of paraprofessional programs for parents with Mobilization for Youth on the Lower East Side.

The reminiscences of Dr. Hope Jensen Leichter, Elbenwood Professor of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, with a focus on her work with the Parent-Teacher Teams Program.

Experiences as a teacher in the Freedom Schools in Mississippi and in connection with a school project in Harlem, New York.

Partial clip of Sterling Nile.

The reminiscences of Laura Pires-Hester, social worker and organizer with Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited, Inc (HARYOU) and the Women's Talent Corps.

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