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An interview with Nellie Jones about the training for parents in order to become teacher aides. The training takes place at Teachers College. The interview includes a broad description of the weekly schedule of training. The interview includes…

This letter, written by the project director for developing parent teacher teams of the Board of Education of the City of New York, asks for further copies of Rebecca Hetherington's report of the Parent Teacher Teams project that was published in the…

A report describing the history, the purpose and the characteristics of parent-teacher teams, including an outline for the New Career Training Program. The report includes annotations as well as red underlining and encircling.

A memo describing 8 recommended points for parent-teachers teams and including parent representatives. The memo includes red underlining.

A memo from Mrs Price to Mrs H. about contacting parent-teachers through Teachers College.


The front and back sides of an envelope from Mrs Harry B. Price to Mrs Hetherington. Mrs Price uses her husband's first name rather than her own.

A letter from Juan Rodriguez-Munoz to the parents of developing parent-teacher teams, asking for parents participation in the planning and development for the summer proposal of parent-teachers teams.

A memo for the group consultants in order to help them conduct human relations groups sessions for the parent-teacher project. The memo includes red underlining and annotations.
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