Our project seeks to recognize, document and share the history of education in Harlem. Our work grows in collaboration among students, scholars, community members and organizations, technologists, and archivists. 

In this under-development digital collection, we offer published and unpublished archival material and oral histories alongside interpretive exhibits. We also document our project's work. 

Our first group of digitized sources and exhibits emphasize the experiences and work of students in Harlem schools in the 1940s through the 1970s. Our first featured school is Harlem's Wadleigh

New Public Exhibit

The War that Wadleigh Students Imagined

In this exhibit, you will have the opportunity to explore a period in the history of Wadleigh High School, located on 114th Street in the city of New York. During the 1940s, Wadleigh was an all-girls high school. The exhibit examines Wadleigh yearbooks from World War II. It explores how young women at Wadleigh were thinking about World War II. This exhibit intends to show how, through historical imagination and writing, Wadleigh students made sense of what they were experiencing. 

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Recently Added Items

1946 Byrne from Wadleigh Outlines Nine Points To Insure Interracial Amity

1946 Byrne from Wadleigh Outlines Nine Points To Insure Interracial Amity.pdf

Principal Byrne's recommendations for interracial amity

Eighty Years of Struggling for Wadleigh


A timeline of the history of Wadleigh High School, Junior High School, and the current Wadleigh campus of schools.