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Wadleigh Voices

Listen to clips of oral history interviews completed with Wadleigh alumni, former teachers, and other community members between 2013 and 2017. Graduate students, scholars, and high school students conducted 22 interviews with members of the Wadleigh community, including alumni and former teachers. More on this oral history project's process and approach here. 

Wil Buckery

Wadleigh Junior High School, Class of 1961  

Mr. Pierce, he’d tell us Bernouli’s principle, Archimedes’ principle – an object dispersed in water . . . I could see his face so clearly when he talked, and he was talking to me. There were others in that classroom, but Mr. Pierce always spoke to me.

>>Link to the full interview coming soon.  


Stephanie Cole 

Wadleigh Junior High School, Class of 1979

My favorite teacher... told me one thing I remember to this day. ... When you go to the next environment and you do not see people that look like you, and you are mixed in with a larger population, the first thing that’s gonna come to your mind are these words: Why didn’t they tell me?

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Charles Evans 

Wadleigh Junior High School, Class of 1962 

The first thing that impressed me when I got to Wadleigh ... was that it smelled like a school.  It smelled like perspiration and books when I walked in. It caught me right away. Even now, if I get that smell I think of Wadleigh, whenever I walk in to a school.

>>Link to the full interview coming soon 

These clips were chosen because they captured an engaging aspect of the interview that clearly connected to the interviewee's experience at Wadleigh. Neither the clips nor the full interviews included on this page offer a comprehensive view of students' or teachers' experiences at Wadleigh.