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Exhibit Under Review

Drawing on other examples of open review in scholarly publishing, we use an open review process for our interpretive exhibits on the history of education in Harlem. After an initial round of review by our editorial team, we make an exhibit public but "under review," for comment by both invited peer reviewers and all other interested readers.  

Our most recent exhibit will be under review for a period of 30 days before the exhibit is revised and published in its final form.  Please let us know what you think about this work-in-progress on Harlem's educational history, and help us to build and share a robust, accurate, and meaningful history of education in Harlem. 




Below are some of the questions that you can keep in mind while critically reading the exhibit:

Is the content of the resource clearly explained? What is its scholarly value and significance? 
Did the exhibit bring important historical analysis to light?  

Is the topic too broad or too narrow for an exhibit? 
How does the treatment of the topic compare to its intended scope? 
Can some parts be developed further, or trimmed? 
Has the exhibit been well structured? Is the exhibit easy to navigate? 
Has the material contained in the exhibit been incorporated in an appropriate, easily accessible manner? 
Layout and Design
Did the layout and design of the exhibit contribute to a better viewer experience?
Authority and Audience
Is it easy to establish who has created the exhibit and where it is hosted and/or published? 
Does the exhibit make clear its intended audience? 
Does the author adopt an appropriate and consistent tone in the exhibit? 
Did the author find adequate balance between analysis, interpretation, presentation and assertion? 
You can view the ongoing review process and current responses here.

We greatly value your feedback and very much appreciate your participation in our effort to share sources and analysis about the history of education in Harlem. 

We look forward to hearing from you!