Imagination & Space

 Wadleigh students’ imagination of World War II was not only related to certain moments in time. It was also linked to particular places where they imagined the war happening. A few of these were just blocks away from their school while many others were located at the other side of the world. Some of these places they knew personally, some their parents had told them about, and some they just have heard of in the news. However, all of them were important in how they experienced World War II.


Now you are invited to imagine with them. Explore the map below and find the different places Wadleigh students imagined through the pages of The Owl.

In order to respect the students' voices in this map, the degree of accuracy of the locations follows that offered by the students in their texts.


World War II had Wadleigh students imagining places all over the world and thinking about the global connections between these.

In today's world, what current issues do you think can help students to engage and imagine different places around the globe and the connections between them?


Imagining World War II
Imagination & Space