Student-Teacher Relationships


This shows that Harlem Prep had a family-like  environment. Even though they would sometimes have contrasting ideas, they were still “brothers”. This also shows that school enviorments can be much better if schools would include everybody in school activities and other events. If a school can get all there students to be like this students wouldent have to fight about there problems as much as they do now and school quality grades would be much higher.


Classroom Scene

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In this clip here, Mr.Campbell accredits Harlem Prep’s success to a sense of community. He believes that this sense of community strengthened student teacher bond. This sense of community was not something that can be taught, it was something that was formed by trust and respect. The teachers did not treat the students as kids, they treated them like fellow scholars.


Another thing that greattly contributed to Harlem Prep's success would be the sense of equality. Since the teachers treated the students like equals, they both succeded. The teachers succeded in teaching the material and the students succeded in learning the material. If schools follow this example of equality students and teachers would have less altercations and students would respect there teachers more, as well as teachers respecting the students.

Student-Teacher Relationships