Teaching Strategies

in this clip here, Sandy Campbell, a teacher that taught at Harlem Prep, describes how he developed his lessons. Instead of focusing his lessons on just teaching the students, he engaged them in discussion. Which helped the captivate the attention of the students. In order to fully discuss the material covered in class, Mr.Campbell had to do his own research and “investigate”. Mr.Campbell explains that there was no sense of hierarchy. The students and teachers were equals, working together for the purpose of education.


quote_imageThis quote shows the approach and motives that Harlem Prep took educate their students. The educators  taught traditional classes but their goal was to apply their teachings to real-life problems. This shows that the teachers of Harlem Prep did not limit their lessons to strictly academic. They prepared students for the future and sought to develop model citizens. This approach differed from the traditional approach. The traditional approach is to prepare students for tests rather than actual issues that they may face in the future.



This shows how Harlem Prep was different from other schools because they did not need textbooks or classrooms to be successful. The teachers did more than put a textbook in front of a student and expec them to learn, they engaged in academic discussions with their students. The purpose of the academic discussions was for both the teachers and students to grow and when arguments would arise, it would not be seen as something wrong. This method helped to build a connection between students and teachers.





The teachers made it clear what the criteria for their lesson were and this is an effective teaching strategy because it allowed the studetns to understand what was expected of them. 

Teaching Strategies