What made Harlem Prep successful?

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This exhibit is under construction. 

This exhibit focuses on the teaching methods and philosophies that the educators at Harlem Prep had that helped contribute to Harlem Prep's success. This exhibit argues that the most effective way to teach students is the way Harlem Prep did it: through a bond and mutual respect between teachers and students, specific teaching strategies, and that it is different from the way students are taught in normal public schools in New York City (i.e., not too strict but still rigorous). Some these students were not legally obligated to attend school. They went to school on their own will. The students oh Harlem prep consisted of war veterans, high school dropouts, drug addicts, single mothers, and ex-convicts. Even though these students came from such unique backgrounds, they came together for the purpose of education and became a family. Primarily, this exhibit will focus on the teaching that happened in the classroom and the various approaches Harlem prep took to effectively educate the students.

In order for fully examine how Harlem Prep was successful, we must assess what it is to be successful. Success is the completion of a goal or purpose. The ultimate goal of a high school or any school, is to prepare students for the next step in their academic life. The students that graduated from Harlem Prep were prepared for the next step in their academic life because they needed a college acceptance to graduate. This school helped these students graduate in a time where around 40% of students entering high school from central Harlem dropped out. Harlem Prep gave these these students more than just an education, it gave them an opportunity to better their lives.


Ibrahim Ali and Christopher Brooks